Spiral hose guards

Hose guards


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hydraulic spring hose guard 

Spiral guard/wrap/protective sleeve 
1. Hardness, Abrasion Proof, Acid/Alkali resistance...
2. ISO 9001: 2008
3. Inside diameter: 8-200mm
Spiral Guard for protector Hose offers good insulation and abrasion protection for wires, cables, hoses, pipes and tubing. 

Technical Requirement
1. Exterior surface: Smooth, No starving crack scuff and burr, No patency foaming and uneven, No inclusion. 
2. Surface color: Black, Non-blushing, No obviously off-color. 
3. Temperature resistance: The sample cannot be cracked and deformation when put it in
Heat-box at 80 celsius. 
4. Tensile Strength: 25MPa at normal temperature, 30MPa at -40 celsius. 
5. Impact Strength: 35KJ/sqm at normal temperature, 5KJ/sqm at -40 celsius. 
6. Impact Strength: Not breakage. 
7. Rockwell temperature(R): 75. 

Variety of the Products
Inner diameter: 8-200mm
Types: Bright Flat Surface, Bright Cambered Surface; Flat Surface, Cambered Surface. 
Color: Black, Gray, Red, Yellow, Blue, etc.